Amsterdam, The Netherlands – March / April 2015

Series of four lectures, sponsored by Disability Studies Nederland, an Academy Partner Organization
1. Ethical issues in disability studies
2. Lifespan issues in disability studies
3. Humour and disability
4. Arts-based research in disability studies
Presenter: Ivan Brown, PhD, Canada

Mexico City, Mexico – April 20-26, 2015

Series of lectures and consultations, sponsored by Communicad Down and Colegio Seltik-Mexico City
Policy and practice in education and society
Lecturer / Consultant: Roy Brown, PhD, Canada

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA – May 20, 2015

Six half day workshops, pre-conference workshops, IASSIDD Americas Congress

1. Transition to school and inclusion in classrooms
Presenters : Rhonda Faragher, PhD, Australia; Judy Neilands, PhD, Australia
2. Transition from school to the adult work world
Presenter: Anthony Antosh, EdD, USA
3. Mental health needs of adults with ASD
Presenter: Jane McCarthy, MD, UK
4. Aging, dementia, and ID
Presenters: Mathew Janicki, PhD, USA; Seth Keller, PhD, USA; and Claudia Gaertner, PhD, Germany
5. Enhancing quality of life for individuals and families
Presenters: Ivan Brown, PhD, Canada; Luigi Croci, MD, Italy
6. Social media and people with ID
: Susan Balandin, PhD, Australia; Bronwyn Hemsley, PhD, Australia

Lagos, Nigeria – June 22-25, 2015

Five series of lectures and workshops, as part of an International Disability Conference

1. Developing formidable linkages between health, education, and social welfare
Lecturer and workshop leader: Paul Adjuwon, PhD, USA
2. Early screening diagnosis — learning the signs
Lecturer and workshop leader: Leslie Rubin, PhD, USA
3. 1) Reproductive health for adolescents and young adults with disabilities;
2) Issues of discrimination against people with disabiliites; and
3) Master Class in health and disability
Lecturer and workshop leader: Hatim Omar, MD, USA
4. Dis/Ability and special needs in the education systems of Nigeria and Germany
Lecturer and workshop leader: Julia Bierman, PhD, UK
5. Creating an optimal service for Sub-Saharan Africa
Lecturer and workshop leader: Mo Eyeoyibo, MD, UK

Kerala, India – August 24, 2015

One 3-hour workshop, in conjunction with a visit to Baby memorial Hospital
Enhancing quality of life in inclusive classroom settings
Presenter: Rhonda Faragher, PhD, Australia

Milan, Italy – September 8, 2015

Invited lecture, in conjunction with X Convegno Nazionale sulla Qualità della vita per le disabilità
Disability, families, and quality of life
Lecturer: Ivan Brown, PhD, Canada

Florence, Italy – September 11, 2015

One-day workshop, pre-conference workshop, European Association for Menatl Health and Intellectual Disability
Disability, families, and quality of life
Presenters: Jane McCarthy, MD, UK; Angela Hassiotis, MD, UK; Marco Bertelli, MD, Italy; Eddie Chaplin, MD, UK

Vancouver, Canada – October 13 and 14, 2015

Two one-day workshops; pre-conference workshops, Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship, University of British Columbia
1. Family well-being and quality of life: Challenges and recommendations
Presenters: Roy Brown, PhD, Canada; Ivan Brown, PhD, Canada
2. Aging with disability: coping and living with various age-related conditions
Presenters: Nancy Jokinen, PhD, Canada; Roy Brown, PhD, Canada; Ivan Brown, PhD, Canada

Vancouver, Canada – October 23 and 24, 2015

Two three-hour workshops, in conjunction with Down Syndrome Research Foundation conference
1. Education and quality of life: A family affair
Presenters: Rhonda Faragher, PhD, Australia; Roy Brown, PhD, Canada
2. Perspectives on models of community care for people with Down syndrome and dementia
Presenters: Sharon Russell, Canada; Diana Frizell, Canada; Nancy Jokinen, PhD, Canada; Lilian Thorpe, MD, Canada; Roy Brown, PhD, Canada

Kolkata, India – November 5, 6, and 10, 2015 

One full-day workshop, two half-day workshops, in conjunction with a visit to the Indian Institute for Cerebral Palsy
1. Ageing and cerebral palsy 2. Mealtime management
Presenter: Susan Balandin, PhD, Australia

Warsaw, Poland – November 20, 2015

Two one-hour lectures, to introduce a one-day conference on technology by the Polish Association for Persons with Mental Handicap
1. Quality of life for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families
Lecturer: Alice Schippers, PhD, The Netherlands
2. New media enriching the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disability
Lecturer: Karen Bunning, PhD, UK

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