International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Academy - Partner Organizations

IASSIDD Partner Organizations share the philosophy of the Academy, and commit to hosting an Academy event -- training, workshop, lecture -- approximately once a year. The Academy provides leaders whose expertise matches the needs of the Partner Organization.>/h3>

Disability Studies in The Netherlands

Disability Studies in The Netherlands (DSiN) strives to promote the research field of Disability Studies. To achieve this, research and education are stimulated, and a knowledge network of committed people is created. By developing, sharing and applying knowledge, DSiN wants to achieve social change and wants to contribute to a growing participation and inclusion of people with disabilities.

IASSIDD Contact: Dr. Alice P. Schippers, Executive Director
Email: alice.schippers@disabilitystudies.nl
Website: www.disabilitystudies.nl
Events to date: March 19-23, 2018: Ivan Brown, visiting professor (several lectures and consultations); November 30, 2017: 2 Academy workshops; March 24-April 7, 2015: 3-lecture series and visiting professor, Ivan Brown; November 18-December 2, 2014: 3-lecture series and visiting professor, Ivan Brown https://disabilitystudies.nl/colleges-visiting-pro... ; October 31-November 2, 2013: 2-workshop series.

ANFFAS - Associazione Nazionale Famiglie di Persone con Disabilità Intellettiva e/o Relazionale (National Association of Families of People with Intellectual and/or Related Disabilities) ITALY

ANFFAS is a volunteer, non-profit organization of more than 14,000 family members and friends of people with disabilities throughout Italy. It provides services and supports to more than 30,000 people with disabilities and their families. With headquarters in Rome, ANFFAS has 16 regional associations and 169 local associations. It is active in policy development, service development, research, education, and advocacy.

ANFFAS Email: nazionale@anffas.net
IASSIDD Contact: Dr. Luigi Croce
Email: luigi.croce@anffas.net
Website: http://www.anffas.net/Page.asp/
Events to date: September 8, 2015: keynote speech, X Convegno Nazionale sulla Qualità della vita per le disabilità, Milano.

Rainbow Centre Singapore, SINGAPORE

Rainbow Centre Singapore is a non-profit organisation that serves infants, children and youths with a diverse range of moderate to severe intellectual and developmental disabilities through education and training. Founded in 1992, Rainbow Centre currently runs two Special Education Schools for students aged 7-18 years old and two Early Intervention Programme Centres for children 2 months to 6 years old. Rainbow Centre also trains special education teachers and caregivers, provides training and consultancy for others working with children with special needs through the Rainbow Centre Training & Consultancy (RCTC), and supports the well-being of families of children with special needs through the work of Rainbow Centre Family Life Services (RCFLS).

Website: http://www.rainbowcentre.org/Page.asp/ Email: partnership@rainbowcentre.org.sg
IASSIDD Contact Person: Malcolm Wong malcolmwong@rainbowcentre.org.sg
Events to date: Quality of life workshop, August 2016; Social media and people with disabilities workshop, November 2016.

Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CANADA

The Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship at the University of British Columbia is Canada's only university-based research centre with a dedicated focus on intellectual disability policy and practice. The Centre is a partnership between the UBC School of Social Work, community living organizations, and supporters seeking to further the inclusion and full citizenship of people with intellectual disabilities and their families locally, nationally and globally. The Centre seeks to contribute to this goal through learning, research and knowledge exchange.

IASSIDD Contact: Dr. Tim Stainton, Director tim.stainton@ubc.ca
website: www.cic.arts.ubc.ca http://www.cic.arts.ubc.ca/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CentreForInclusionAndCitizenship/
Twitter: @CICUBC
Events to date: Quality of Life Through the Lifespan (2-day workshops) November 2015

Surrey Place Centre, Toronto, CANADA