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Director's Message July 2018

It has been a great pleasure to act as the Director of IASSIDD's Academy on Education, Training, and Research for more than three years. In that time, we have seen several changes. The Academy has become much more enmeshed with other parts of IASSIDD, working more closely with the SIRGs and IASSIDD's Executive. This is reflected in my expanded role this year, taking over SIRG Coordination and Vice-President, Policy and Education. This expanded role positions the Academy well to cooperate with other parts of IASSIDD and to take a lead role in education and training activities.

We were proud to initiate the International Visits Program in 2017. This program allows organizations to host students, scholars, and others for periods of typically two weeks for information-sharing and learning. We are also beginning to put together some training materials, which we hope can form the basis of a webinar series beginning in 2019.

No doubt more opportunities will arise over the next few years. The Academy has a strong and enthusiastic "working" Board of Directors that actively initiates new ideas and seeks helpful partnerships.

We look forward to enjoying our successes together!

Ivan Brown, Ph.D.
Director, IASSIDD Academy

Director's Message January 2016

As we begin the year 2016, I am pleased to reflect back on my first two years as Academy Director. During this time, we have put together a substantial program of lectures and workshops on a wide range of topics in intellectual and developmental disabilities (see event charts). One aspect of this program, of which the Academy team has been particularly proud, is that our events have taken place in every inhabited continent of the planet except South America. Including South America in our workplans is something we plan to address over the next couple of years.

There is a considerable amount of planning and organizational work associated with the role of Academy Director, and our program of events would not have achieved its level of success without the hard work of members of our Board of Directors. As you can see from the event charts, a number of them have taken on the responsibility of planning and overseeing our events. It is my belief that the Academy will be only as successful as the dedicated efforts of a team, and I am happy to say that the collaborative efforts of the Academy Board members have been superlative and strongly appreciated, especially in 2015.

I am also pleased to pay tribute to the many IASSIDD members who have conducted our workshops and given lectures and consultations. All have volunteered their time and expertise. Their strong commitment illustrates our common belief in the value of applying to broad audiences the expert knowledge that IASSIDD members generate and share at their annual congresses.

One aspect of the Academy that I initiated this year was the establishment of Academy Partner Organizations. As the name implies, Partner Organizations collaborate with the Academy to conduct one or more training events each year. This first year, we established two Partner Organizations, and it is our plan to establish several more over the next two years.

The beginning of a new year is a good time to look forward to new and exciting adventures, and thus the Academy is currently making plans for a number of interesting events over the coming year. As we do so, we look forward to your ideas, your participation, and your continued support in this valuable work.

Ivan Brown, Ph.D.
Academy Director

Director's Message June 2014

This year, 2014, is a transition year for the Academy. I began my tenure as Director on January 1st, taking over from the inimitable Roy Brown who was the founding Academy Director in 2006 and served in that role until the end of 2013. It was not without some trepidation that I took on the role of Director, as it is a rather formidable undertaking for someone who is supposed to be enjoying the relaxation of retirement. Nevertheless, it is an exciting challenge, and I have enthusiastic and trustworthy colleagues on the Academy Executive and Board of Directors. I also recognize strong support from IASSIDD's executive committee, and from the SIRGs. I believe this strong, broad support for the Academy and its work positions us extremely well to carry out our mission successfully in the future.

We will carry out two major events, and one smaller one, in 2014. First, we will conduct 8 workshops on July 14 in Vienna, the day prior to the beginning of IASSIDD's 4th Europe Regional Congress. The congress organizating committee in Vienna has been very helpful to us in making the arrangements for these workshops. Second, we have agreed to partner with a consortium in Lagos, Nigeria in hosting a Special Needs Conference in November. Three SIRGs will cooperate by sponsoring travel for one speaker each, and the Academy will sponsor a fourth. Finally, we are planning a smaller event in Amsterdam, also in November, for local policy makers and service providers. In addition to planning these events, we are planning a number of activities in various parts of the world for 2015, and we are part of the planning for the 2016 World Congress in Melbourne, Australia.

So, we are off to a solid start, and with help and cooperation from so many of you the future looks promising!

Ivan Brown, Ph.D., Academy Director

Past Director's Messages

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