International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Alice Schippers

Alice Schippers

About Alice

Since 2009, Alice Schippers, Msc, PhD (interdisciplinary social sciences), has been general director of Disability Studies in the Netherlands, and has worked for twenty years in policy, management, research and higher education in the disabilities field.

She also holds a coordinating senior research position at the Disability Studies unit of the Medical Humanities department at the VU University medical centre in Amsterdam. Her research focus is on (family) quality of life, community development and co-creating knowledge.

She is chairing the Special Interest Research Group on Quality of Life and Vice President for Europe of IASSIDD. Disability Studies in the Netherlands is a partner organization of the IASSIDD Academy, striving to further the knowledge of disability professionals around the world.

More information at www.disabilitystudies.nl