International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Challenging Behaviour & Mental Health

The Special Interest Group on Challenging Behavior and Mental Health (SIRG/CBMH) was established at the 13th World Congress of IASSID at Cape Town, South Africa. It replaced the existing SIRG on mental health with the objective of expanding the scope of the original group and creating a forum for developing integrated research and practice.

Mission Statement

The mission of the SIRG/CBMH is to:

  • Provide a focus for the worldwide exchange and dissemination of research and practice, as well as networking, in the field of challenging behavior and mental health.
  • Provide a vehicle for the promotion and development of integrated research and clinical activities that further understanding of the relationship between psychological and behavioral well being in people with intellectual disability.
  • Specifically encourage the development of cross-national, multi-disciplinary collaboration in research and practice that integrates biological, sociological, behavioral and psychotherapeutic perspectives.
  • Improve the quality of life and services for people with intellectual disabilities and additional behavioral or mental health needs, their carers, and their families. As such, the views and contributions of these groups will be fundamental in contributing to and shaping the activities of the SIRG.
  • Provide a supportive organizational framework for promoting the work of its members via journals, conferences and scientific meetings associated with IASSID."


The Bylaws of the Challenging Behaviour and Mental Health SIRG can be viewed here: click here


Professor Peter Langdon. Chair. (England, UK). p.e.langdon@kent.ac.uk

Jane McCarthy. Past Chair. (England, UK). jane.m.mccarthy@kcl.ac.uk

George Woods, Co-Chair. (U.S.A.). gwoods@georgewoodsmd.com

Jennifer Clegg, Ph.D. Secretary. (England, UK). jennifer.clegg@nottingham.ac.uk

Professor Susan Hayes. Treasurer. (Australia). susan.hayes@sydney.edu.au

Dr Mindy Scheithauer. Member. (U.S.A.). Mindy.Scheithauer@choa.org

Dr Maria Valdovinos. Member. (U.S.A.). Maria.Valdovinos@drake.edu

Karen Nankervis (Australia). Member. (Australia). k.nankervis@uq.edu.au