International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Colleen Adnams - Vice-President, Africa


Dr. Colleen Adnams
Vice-President, Africa

About Colleen

Colleen Adnams is the Vera Grover Professor of Intellectual Disability, Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, University of Cape Town and is a Chief Specialist in the Intellectual Disability Services, Western Cape Government Psychiatric Hospitals.

Dr Adnams completed her medical and specialist training in Paediatrics at the University of Cape Town. From 1994 to 2007 she was head of the Neurodevelopmental Paediatric Clinical Service and teaching unit at the School of Child and Adolescent Health, University of Cape Town and Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. During this time she was instrumental in establishing Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics as a sub-speciality in South Africa. She has contributed to numerous provincial, national and international committees and task groups related to service provision, training, policy and the study of neurodevelopmental disabilities. She has served on the World Health Organization Working Group for the ICD-11 classification of intellectual disability. Her research interests include neurodevelopmental disabilities, health and mental health aspects of intellectual disabilities and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. She has been active in several National Institutes of Health funded international collaborations examining epidemiological and neurobehavioural aspects of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. She has published in the areas of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and developmental and intellectual disabilities in South Africa. In her present capacity, she holds the only chair of intellectual disability in Africa.