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Developing community based support for people with intellectual disability: Working in partnership to achieve change
This conference will be organised jointly by the IASSIDD Special Interest Research Group on Comparative Policy and Practice and Charles University Prague as part of the QUALI-TYDES Czech Research Foundation project (No. P407/11).  
Conference support and organisation by IASSID and SPMP

  • Date: Friday 15th November 2013 (Please note change of date from the original announcement due to venue restrictions)
  • Venue: Hotel Olsanka, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Further information and registration.

SIRG Roundtable Saturday 16th November 2013: The Prague conference will be followed by a Comparative Policy and Practice Special Interest Research group roundtable on Saturday 16th November 09 30 til 1400. The primary purpose of this meeting will be to discuss the content of the papers for the Special Issue on Policies for a Good Life in the Community and to discuss future activities of the SIRG. A brief general meeting will also be held. Further infromation on the programme will be made available here soon.


At the IASSID World Congress in Halifax, we had a joint discussion with members of the Quality of Life and Ageing SIRGs. This discussion focused on draft papers prepared and circulated prior to the event by Ivan Brown, Chris Bigby, David Felce and Julie Beadle-Brown and related to the Policies for a good Life in the Community programme of work that had initially been agreed in Rome and then advance at a symposium discussion held in Iceland at the NNDR Conference.  The papers focused on:

  • Rekindling the ideological drive
  • Establishing the evidence base for models of community based provision
  • Mapping the situation for people with Intellectual Disabilities: building on the DECLOC report,
  • Unraveling the cost effectiveness discourse

Prior to the event, SIRG members helped to complete templates for their countries about the situation of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Attendance at the discussion was good and the discussion was very fruitful and will be used to revise the papers with the aim of compiling a special issue for a journal.