International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Ethics & Intellectual Disabilities

Mission Statement

The special interest research group on ethics and intellectual disability is part of the IASSID, and aims at an open exchange of views on ethical issues regarding health and social practices in order to support persons with disabilities and their families by stimulating research on ethics within the field of intellectual disability, and by disseminating its results in the wider circle of the IASSID and the research community of which it is part.

In order to fulfill this mission the SIRG will foster communication between SIRG members and the broader IASSID community, hold conferences, seminars and symposia at regular intervals on topics relevant to their mission, coordinate, encourage and develop opportunities for consideration of ethical issues at the IASSID quadrennial conference and support the publication and dissemination of relevant material.


In Development


Chair: Professor Jayne Clapton, Griffith University, Australia. jayneclapton@gmail.com

Deputy chair: To be advised

Secretary: Petra Björne. petra.bjorne@malmo.se

Treasurer: To be advised

Past Chair: Hans Reinders

Ordinary members: To be advised

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Professor Jayne Clapton