International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Fellows Awards - 2012

About IASSID Fellowship

Fellowship in IASSID is recognition by peers in the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities of outstanding contributions in the field of intellectual disabilities. This recognition comes at varying points of a member's career and outstanding activities are as diverse as contributions to our greater knowledge of intellectual disabilities through research, public service, teaching or education, practice and significant participation in the Association.

IASSID Fellows are members who have earned distinction by their scientific or practical contribution to the field of intellectual disabilities or by their dedication to the affairs of the Association. The title "Fellow of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities" shall be given for the life of the recipient and may be abbreviated as F.IASSID.

A list of IASSID Fellows can be found on the IASSID website: IASSID Fellows.

Criteria for IASSID Fellowship, 2012

Fellowship is granted upon nomination by members. All individuals accepted for IASSID Fellowship are confirmed by the General Assembly meeting at the World Congress. The next General Assembly will convene in July 2012. The Nominee must meet at least two of the following five criteria:

  • Have worked for at least 10 years in the field of intellectual disability.
  • Possess superior knowledge of his or her discipline as applied to intellectual disability.
  • Have made important contributions to the understanding of intellectual disability.
  • Have made an important contribution to the application of scientific knowledge to aiding people with intellectual disabilities and/or their families.
  • Have made a significant contribution to IASSID.

Nominations for Fellowship may be made to Council, where two current members are of the opinion the nominated person fulfills the criteria. The nomination form is available at this link: Nomination Form.

Complete nomination package must be received by the IASSID Secretary no later than January 10, 2012

Nominations for 2012