International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Health Issues

The Special Interest Research Group on Health Issues was founded in 1996.

The mission of the Special interest Research Group on Health is to promote physical health of people with an intellectual disability. This is done by formulating priorities for health care, research and training and by sharing ideas and results. The SIRG organizes annual roundtables in varying countries around specific themes, consisting of update lectures


The group has organised roundtables in:

  • Leiden, the Netherlands (1998)
  • Manchester, England (1999)
  • Seattle, US (2000) IASSID World Congress
  • Gothenburg, Sweden (2001)
  • Dublin, Ireland (2002)
  • Westchester, NY, US (2003)
  • Montpellier, France (2004) IASSID World Congress
  • Melbourne, Victoria, AU (2005) Combined Roundtable of the Health Issues and Mental Health SIRGs of IASSID.
  • Maastricht, Netherlands (2006) European IASSID Congress
  • Prato, Italy (2007)
  • Cape Town, South Africa (2008) IASSID World Congress
  • Kingston, Canada (2009)
  • Prato, Italy (2010) Combined Roundtable of the Health Issues and the Ageing SIRGs of IASSID.


Its membership is open to:

  • Researchers in the broad field of health and health care for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Practitioners in health care general practitioners (family doctors), medical specialists, physiotherapists, speech and hearing therapists, optometrists, dietitians, dentists, and nurses and others interested in health issues)
  • Family members or other significant persons in the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities
  • Representatives of volunteers or service organizations

All the members of IASSIDD with an interest in research relating to health issues may join the Health Issues SIRG. Select the SIRG when joining or renewing your membership.

Copies of the Health Issues SIRG publications are available from the Chairperson Bob Davis. Download here: Health Guidelines for an Adult with an Intellectual Disability

VISUAL IMPAIRMENT (Word Document, 67 Ko)
HEARING IMPAIRMENT (Word Document, 58 Ko)