International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Academy - What We Do

The Academy does several things:

1. Pre-congress workshops at annual IASSIDD congresses.

2. Workshops on any topic related to intellectual and developmental disabilities.

3. Lectures and speeches -- conferences, training, etc.

4. Courses.

5. Webinars -- coming in 2019.

6. Training materials -- being developed.


7. International Visits Program

International visits to approved host organizations are a member benefit available to IASSIDD members. The purpose of these visits is for the host organization to offer a teaching and learning opportunity for the visitor or visitors. The host organization may assist in organizing accommodation and may offer assistance in planning the visit but the responsibility for all travel and accommodation lies with the visitor. Several organizations have kindly agreed to host international visits.

What can you do in the Academy?

Suggest or organize an Academy event.

Individual members, SIRGs, organizational members of IASSIDD, or any organizations that includes an IASSIDD member may suggest or organize an Academy event. To do so, follow these steps. You may select from:

Volunteer to lead an Academy event.

Contact Ivan Brown ivan.brown@utoronto.ca to volunteer to lead an Academy event.

Become a Partner Organization.

Academy Partner Organizations collaborate with the Academy to plan and carry out one or more activities each year.

• Become a Host Organization for the International Visits Program

Sign up at International Visits Program

Become a supporting organization.

The Academy is very grateful to organizations in numerous countries for supporting the Academy's work ·since 2006. To become a sponsor, click here.