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The IASSID Academy on Education, Teaching and Research welcomes applications from IASSID members for courses and workshops to be offered. To download an Academy Workshop/Course Description application form – click here. The form is a Word .doc file that is expandable, which enables text to be inserted.

To submit a course or workshop application, applicants should complete the Academy Workshop/Course Description Form. Applicants should indicate the aim and learning objectives for their course or workshop (relevant to the locale of the course or workshop) and plan to involve local speakers and discussants in order to heighten the relevancy and inclusiveness of the programs. Wherever possible expert and experienced individuals from the host country should be including in the courses, workshops, and other proceedings as presenters and discussants. Experience indicates that sufficient time should be allowed for consultation amongst presenters, prior to workshops, as well as debriefing after the courses both amongst presenters, Academy representatives, and, importantly, the host organizations. Academy workshops are generally draw upon a range of materials that are used as handouts, including articles from the IASSID journals.

Whenever possible stand-alone workshops and courses should be co-sponsored by local organizations. Furthermore, in the planning of courses, local organizations need to be supported to develop strategies to progress the implementation of issues addressed in courses and the long-term sustainability of initiatives arising out of Academy courses.

Course and workshop faculty should normally be members of IASSID and the co-coordinator/ lead presenter of each course must be a member of IASSID. Workshops should range from between half-day to full day events, while courses generally are from one to three-day events. Multiple workshops over a period of days are generally referred to as a course. However, there are occasions when these may be packaged as a more complex delivery involving several courses and seminars and more inclusive plenary lecture presentations.

Faculty from universities and agencies are free to identify their institutional affiliations when presenting at workshops and courses for the Academy.

All course/workshop applications are reviewed by the Academy Board and if approved, the applicant will be asked to sign an agreement detailing the course/workshop obligations and procedure. The Academy does not provide honoraria or other payment to faculty for courses/workshops offered, but does enter in an agreement regarding reimbursement of faculty and course expenses. Applications for courses are reviewed by a standing committee of the Academy, and which when appropriate, involves outside reviewers.

Course/workshop application submissions should be forwarded via email attachment to Prof. Roy Brown at roy.brown@iassid.org