International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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Membership is open to persons with an interest in any facet of research or application related to persons with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities:

  • researchers of all disciplines;
  • teachers, therapists, professionals in schools and services for persons with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities;
  • family members or other significant persons in the lifes of persons with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities;
  • representatives of volunteers or service organizations.

Early career researchers

The SIRG-PIMD has a very dynamic early career researchers group. This gives an ideal opportunity for young researchers in the field of persons with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities to meet each other, to network, and to discuss their research plans. Senior researchers are available for coaching and support. Young researchers can discuss and get feedback on their own research plans. They also discuss more general methodological or publication issues (e.g. small sample research, analyzing video-data, triangulation of data).

The young researchers have their own website: see ecrmpimd.weebly.com People who want to join the early career researchers group can fill in the contact form on this website.

Short report and presentation of the ECRM in Melbourne, 2016: ECRM short report.pdf ECRM_introduction researchers_completed.pdf

Carla Vlaskamp Award

This award (750 Euro) has been established by the SIRG-PIMD to support the participation of a young researcher at the European, Asia-Pacific or World Conference of IASSIDD. Carla Vlaskamp is one of the founders of the SIRG-PIMD and played an important role in the 'visibility' of persons with PIMD and in generating knowledge for science and practice about those people. The award provides the reimbursement of eligible expenses incurred to attend the conference. Information and application forms are found on the conference website.