International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Publications Committee

  1. The Publications Committee shall have the responsibility for encouraging and establishing scientific publications that are in the interests of the Association and advance its purposes.
  2. It will make recommendations to Council as to the appointment of editors to the official journal of the Association or any other official publication of the Association according to criteria set down by Council.
  3. The Chair of the Publications Committee will be the chief representative of the Association on matters pertaining to the official journals of the Association.  The Chair of the Committee will liaise with the Treasurer with regard to any matters affecting finances of publications or contracts for publications.
  4. The Publications Committee shall consist of six members appointed by Council for one term:
    1. A Vice-President (Chairperson)
    2. The Treasurer
    3. Editor of JPPID
    4. Editor of JIDR
    5. Two additional member of the Association in good standing.

Publications Committee

A Vice-President (chair): Michael Wehmeyer

Treasurer: Keith McVilly

Editor of JPPID: Matthew Janicki

Editor of JIDR: Chris Oliver

Member of Association: Bob Stodden

Member of Association: Angela Hassiotis



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