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Focus of Quality of Life SIRG

The SIRG-QoL includes two sub-groups: person-centered quality of life, and family-centered quality of life. The officers and members at large reflect these two groups well.

Mission Statement

The mission of the SIRG-QOL is to further work that enhances the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and their families through research and its application.
The SIRG-QoL goals are to:

  • hold an annual meeting to share information, and participate in other IASSIDD conferences and meetings
  • participate in collaborative activities such as conferences and publications
  • carry out collaborative projects and research
  • disseminate research and its application within IASSIDD and to the wider community through text, journal articles, special issues, and allied means
  • collaborate on ways to effect change at the societal level


The bylaws of the Quality of Life SIRG are contained within the IASSIDD bylaws at www.iassidd.org/content/bylaws

Executive Officers

Alice Schippers alice.schippers@tiscali.nl

Past Chair
Ivan Brown ivan.brown@utoronto.ca

Dana Roth Danar@beitissie.org.il

Fiona Rillotta fiona.rillotta@flinders.edu.au

Nina Zuna nzuna@austin.utexas.edu

Members at large

Preethy Samuel Preethy@wayne.edu

Luigi Croce luigi.croce57@libero.it

Roy Brown royibrown@shaw.ca

Rhonda Faragher Rhonda.Faragher@acu.edu.au>

Barry Isaacs barry.isaacs@surreyplace.on.ca

Paul Ajuwon ajuwon@sbcglobal.net

Meaghan Edwards meaghan@mukibaum.com.net

Laura Gomez gomezlaura@uniovi.es

Val Bradley vbradley@hsri.org

Heather Alderseyhma@queensu.ca

Mian Wang mwang@education.ucsb.edu

Ram Prasad Dhungana nrcd@ntc.net.np or nrcdnepal@gmail.com

Kazi Ayaz Mahessar a.kazi@unesco.org

Contact Us

Alice Schippers, Ph.D.
Disability Studies in Nederland