International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Quality of Life - News


The QOL-SIRG sponsors numerous activities, but some key current activities are:

  • International family quality of life project
  • Two special journal issues in quality of life (JPPID and JIDD)
  • Quality of life annotated bibliography
  • Participation in IASSIDD Academy workshops: Chicago (Jul), Melbourne (Aug), Zagreb (Oct)
  • Form part of program for IASSIDD World Congress, Melbourne, Australia, August 15-18, 2016
  • Roundtable held in Zagreb, Croatia, October 20-21, held jointly with CPP SIRG and Academy.

Workplan for 2017
Being developed

Financial & Activity Reports

2015 Financial and Activity Report

2014 Financial and Activity Report

2013 Financial and Activity Report

2012 Activity Report

2012 Financial Report


The Quality of Life SIRG has 276 members in 2016.

Organizational Structure

I. Executive for 2016-2019

The following executive officers were elected or re-elected at our Annual General Meeting in Halifax, Canada, July 13, 2012:

  • Chair: Alice Schippers
  • Vice chairs: Dana Roth, Preethy Samuel, and Luigi Croce
  • Secretary: Fiona Rillotta
  • Treasurer: Nina Zuna
  • Past chair: Ivan Brown
  • Executive Members at Large: Paul Ajuwon, Roy Brown, Luigi Croce, Meaghan Edwards, Rhonda Faraghar, Lara Gomez, Barry Isaacs, Preethy Samuel, Val Bradley, Heather Aldersey, Mian Wang, Ram Prasad Dhungana, Mazi Ayaz Mahessar
  • Representation to IASSIDD Council: Alice Schippers or alternate from the executive

II. Committees and special task groups

  • Website: Fiona Rillotta and Ivan Brown
  • Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities analysis: Alice Schippers, Fiona Rillotta, Nina Zuna.
  • Bibliography of QOL publications: Preethy Samuel
  • Current international quality of life work coordination: Preethy Samuel, Barry Isaacs
  • Policy development: Nancy Jokinen
  • ISQOLS liaison: Ralph Kober
  • Academy liaisons: Roy Brown, Ivan Brown
  • Nominations and elections: Ivan Brown