International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

SIRG Coordination Committee

  1. The SIRG Co-ordination Committee shall co-ordinate SIRG activities with the functions and activities of the Association to ensure co-ordinated scheduling of events and active participation in the Association’s research activities, conferences, academy events and congresses.
  2. The Committee shall report to council at its annual meeting and carry out activities as directed by the President and / or Council.
  3. It shall consist of:
    1. A Vice-President (Chairperson)
    2. The Treasurer
    3. The Secretary
    4. The Academy Director
    5. A representative from each SIRG.
  4. SIRGs may appoint a permanent representative to the Committee or may appoint a rotating member to represent the SIRG at each meeting.  SIRGs may designate an alternative to the permanent member to represent the SIRG in the absence of the permanent member.

SIRG Coordination Committee

A Vice-President (Chair): Colleen Adnams

Treasurer: Keith McVilly

Secretary: Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz

Academy Director: Roy Brown

Aging SIRG Representative: Christine Bigby

Challenging Behavior and Mental Health SIRG Representative: Jane McCarthy

Comparative Policy and Practice SIRG Represenative: Julie Beadle-Brown

Down Syndrome SIRG Represenatative: Rhonda Faragher

Ethics SIRG Representative: TBD

Families SIRG Representative: Malin Broberg

Health Issues SIRG Representative Laurence Taggart

Parenting with IDD SIRG Representative David McConnell

Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities SIRG Representative: Bea Maes

Quality of Life SIRG Representative Ivan Brown/ Alice Schippers


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