International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

World and Regional Congress Committees

    Congress Committees shall be responsible for the Program and other arrangements for the respective Congresses of the Association.  They shall have authority to appoint persons and committees for local arrangements as may be required and to delegate to them such local arrangements as may be required.
  1. Matters pertaining to finances will be in consultation with the Treasurer.
  2. All contractual arrangements will be in consultation with the President, who reserves the right to sign all such contracts on behalf of the Association unless formally delegated in writing.
  3. Congress Committees shall prepare information and recommendations to the Council regarding location of future meetings and shall perform such other tasks as prescribed by Council and report to Council.
  4. Each Congress Committee shall be appointed at least two years before the scheduled congress.
  5. The World Congress Committee shall consist of 7 members appointed by Council:
    1. The President-Elect (Chairperson)
    2. The President
    3. The Secretary
    4. The Treasurer
    5. The Academy Director
    6. The Vice-President responsible for SIRG Coordination
    7. One additional member of the Association in good standing
  6. Regional Congress Committees shall consist of 4 members appointed by Council:
    1. The respective Region’s Vice-President (Chairperson)
    2. One other Council member
    3. Two other members of the Association in good standing.

2013 Asia-Pacific Regional Congress Committee
Tokyo, Japan

Vice-president of region (chair):    
Henry Kwok

Council Member: Lisa Wang

Association Member:  Keith McVilly

Association Member:

Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz


2014 Europe Regional Congress Committee
Vienna, Austria

Vice-president of region (chair):    
Germain Weber

Council Member: Bea Maes

Association Member: Roy McConkey

Association Member:  Eric Emerson

Association Member: Glynis Murphy

Association Member: Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz


2015 Americas Regional Congress Committee
Los Angeles, USA

Vice-president of region (chair): Michael Wehmeyer

Council Member: TBD

Association Member: TBD

Association Member: TBD


2016 World Congress Committee
Melbourne, Australia

President-elect (chair): Phil Davidson

President: Vianne Timmons

Secretary: Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz

Treasurer: Keith McVilly

Academy Director: Ivan Brown

Vice President SIRG Coordination:    
Colleen Adnams

Association Member: Christine Bigby

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