International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

World Congresses

IASSIDD sponsors international congresses once every four years. These international meetings provide an exciting opportunity for presenting recent findings as well as keynote addresses about major advances in the biological, behavioral, and social sciences related to intellectual disabilities. These advances are also addressed in presentations concerned with progress in the provision of services and supports for persons with intellectual disabilities. The most recent Congress was held in Melbourne, Australia in August, 2016. The next World Congress will take place in Glasgow, Scotland in August, 2019.


Fellowship in IASSIDD is recognition by peers in the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities of outstanding contributions in the field of intellectual disabilities. This recognition comes at varying points of a member's career and outstanding activities are as diverse as contributions to our greater knowledge of intellectual disabilities through research, public service, teaching or education, practice and significant participation in the Association.
Full listing of IASSIDD Fellows

Year Location Theme President President-Elect
1967 Montpellier, France
Harvey Stevens Alexander Shapiro
1970 Warsaw, Poland
Alexander Shapiro S. Krynski
1973 The Hague, The Netherlands

S. Krynski
Alan Clarke
1976 Washington (D.C.), USA From Research to Practice in Mental Retardation Alan Clarke Michael Begab
1979 Jerusalem, Israel Frontiers of Knowledge Michael Begab Hans Olaf Akesson
1982 Toronto (Ont.), Canada Perspectives and Progress in Mental Retardation Hans Olaf Akesson
Alan Roeher*
1985 New Delhi, India Science and Service in Mental Retardation Annalise Dupont
1988 Dublin, Ireland Key Issues in Mental Retardation Research Annalise Dupont Michael Mulcahy
1992 Gold Coast (Qld.), Australia Sharing a Vision of the Future Michael Mulcahy Terry Dolan
1996 Helsinki, Finland International Advances in Research and Practice Global Problems- Local Solutions
Terry Dolan Trevor Parmenter
2000 Seattle (Wash.), USA New Millennium Research into Practice Trevor Parmenter Neil Ross
2004 Montpellier, France Towards Mutual Understanding, Person, Environment, Community Neil Ross David Felce
2008 Capetown, South Africa People with Intellectual Disabilities: Citizens in the World David Felce Glynis Murphy
2012 Halifax, Canada A World of Potential Glynis Murphy Vianne Timmons
2016 ... Melbourne, Australia
... Global Partnerships: Enhancing Research, Policy and Practice ... Vianne Timmons ... Phil Davidson
2019 ... Glasgow, Scotland
... Phil Davidson ... Colleen Adnams

*Alan Roeher died in a plane crash. Annalise Dupont took over.